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Value Quest helps you to achieve your business goals. We provide solution to create value for our clients by delivering a comprehensive set of services, in order to increase the performance of workforces.

  • To Improve project management and increase project efficiency
  • To leverage and standardize consultant service to clients
  • To guide the project implementation and provide effective delivery method
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Successful and proven track record
We have delivered such successful ERP system, custom development and other telecommunication consulting.  Our major clients are Indosat, Telkomsel, PT. Telkom, PT. Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia, and
Hutchison Telecom Indonesia.



In accordance with the current rate of development in technology, performing tracking of sales force or field workers is very important to provide assistance towards the operations of a certain company.

With that in mind, we proudly introduce the STRIM application. This application has been prepared to meet the needs for different types of companies who relies on agents in the field  to perform operational day-to-day activities.  It consists of integrated application using a mobile device and web based application to perform route tracking of workforce, mobile field survey operation, as well as route assignment capability.


Agent Tracking
trackingWith the STRIM application, tracking of any existing field staff can be very easy to track. It will have a history of all trips made by your field worker. Our solution is done by utilizing the facilities available in the mobile GPS. And thus the accuracy of coordinates can be obtained accurately. By using the GPS facility, the coordinate’s position of the field worker can always be obtained without having to depend on the availability of GPRS networks. In this matter, STRIM is equipped with a feature that allows unsent transaction or coordinate position to be stored in the handheld device, and it automatically sends the transactions or positions once the GPRS signal is available again.

Route Assignment
With STRIM routing management, the daily activities of field workers can be very easily implemented, where each field worker just can access the list of route requests contained in the system. Routing data that will be given to the field worker team can be administered daily or weekly. STRIM also has the facility to create a template, which can be used to facilitate scheduled visits that are repeated from week to next week.

route assignmentroute assignment2










POI Universe Registration
By using STRIM Routing Management, Point of Interest (POI) can be registered on the application, and field worker can perform the validation of the POI. When performing validation, the coordinates of the POI will be captured with the GPS facility available on the handset. Thus, the location of the POI can be displayed on the digital map which is available web application. It has significance for the company to determine the spread of outlets.


Dynamic Survey Definition

dsdEquipped with the feature "Dynamic Survey Creation", the STRIM application will help administrative staff in the office or the Survey Coordinator in drafting the various types of questions that will be given to field officers. 






In this case, the feature is also equipped with "validity period", so
the validity period for certain surveys can be limited to a date set by
the users.








News Broadcast

As a means of corporate communication, STRIM is also equipped with feature for Corporate News Broadcast, which can be used to provide help in spreading the news online from headquarters to all field officers quickly and easy.


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